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The Opel GT is back, with a new look. Company has re-designed the car, giving it a new elegant view; the GT features a youth-oriented design and classy finish. Inspired by the Opel’s Motorclub of the 1920’s, Opel has changed the tires to a distinctive red.

The car was first viewed in January 2016 during the Geneva Auto Show, featuring a sleek design, looking phenomenal, turbocharged, and having lightweight. The car unveiled by Opel is not just a rear wheel drive, but a proper sportcar. Also you can read review about Opel Tigra. The cars sleek design is further improved with door handles swapped out with small touch pads that incorporate into the red stripe.

The new GT is equipped with turbocharged 1.0 liter engine, with a 6-speed transmission, producing 145 hp. Model speeds from 0 to 60 mph in about less than eight seconds, reaching its speed limit in 133 mph. The car will be the predecessor of the second generation G-T, sold as the Saturn Sky, which certainly died in the year 2010. The original GT, also known as the Experimental GT, has a 13 inch wheels, extremely lightweight and featuring a 1.1 liter and a 1.9 liter 4-cylinder engines, producing not less than 102 horse power. The cabin has enough space, unlike the new GT. According to Opel, the newly released GT only adopts the name, and the basic format, including the lack of proper trunk.

The newly released G-T is quite similar to the original, having a long hood, with its body wrapped tightly around the wheel openings. Taking look at it, it seems to be the future of the Opel GT, having a new style and vision.

The new holistic interface compartment makes you become one with the automotive machine, by making the G-T concept learn your style and preferences, and to satisfy your wishes. May looking from the outside, the side windows looks like is being coated with aluminum, but right from the inside it’s totally different. The model connects man and machine with its pure driving adrenaline. It has an interior that is more than that of an ordinary sports car, and the inner is made of pure aluminum structures, creating a ‘no distraction’ cabin. One more improvement is the exterior camera which acts as your guardian angel, an improvement of the GT’s sixth sense. With its red wheels reflecting in the shining seatbelts, Opel takes the design for emotion to another level, making it an art in motion.

For example, photo of Opel GT with Lexmauls tuning

opel gt lexmaul

new opel gt lexmaul

The Opel GT Concept features differently from other sports car. It has no side mirrors, with exterior cameras as in replacement for the side mirrors, and also having no windshield wipers and door handles, just totally different. The GT-model will give a ride of lifetime, with its body that is divided proportionally by redlines, giving it an elegant view. The new Opel is quite similar to the classic G-T, by having a long bonnet, and without tailgate. Its exhausts are fitted at the center, and refer to the first and old Experimental G-T in 1965. Apart from these borrowed features, the Opel GT Concept has no retro design.

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