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Dodge cars (May 2017) : TOP 3 models

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Dodge a car company, is one that never runs out of car designs in every year. They have been rolling out new cars recently, cars with better features, stronger than most of the other Dodge cars. Here is the list of the latest models by this famous brand.

Dodge Durango (new model)

dodges durango

Durango is an upgrade of the 1997 Durango, that’s been making a hit in automotive market (actual info – May 2017). The new version has better features than the former version.


This time around, it comes with big cargo capacity, set for families that go on trips frequently. The interior has a bigger space to contain 7 people, with an A/C units, to make traveling more comfortable than other dodges.

dodge durango photo 3

The seat leathers are made of superior Nappa leathers (read also our other review Dodge Grand Caravan and Journey) The new car has a 5.7 liter and V-8 engine. The price is about $35,000.

Dodge Viper (ACR)


Here is it, a car full of sportiness. This car is a driver’s dream. The viper car differs from other vipers model’s. This is an upgrade of the viper model’s, with a new design.

viper sport

Taking a closer look, you will see that the design features of the Viper ACR are similar to Coupe, but, with some changes made.

dodge cars viper new

In the interior is a rollover safety cage system (this rollover pops out automatically as the car rolls over). This is a good model, depending on the driver, with new specs of the engine.

car viper

First gear puts you to 64MPH, making it easy in achieving 205 miles per hour. This car comes with an 8.4-liter V10 engine, consisting of an independent suspension.

Newest Model, Dodge Charger


Dodge renders good designs when it comes to cars. The new Charger comes with an upgrade in features. It has a perfect creation, promising a royal drive, and looks amazing.

dodge cars dodge charger

The company is never less when it comes to exterior and interior designing. The 2017 model is quite similar to that of 2015. Coming to the exterior, the latest Charger has drag coefficient, perfect width, length and height, ground clearance, wheelbase, rear track and front track that are a little similar to that of the 2015 model.

charger dodge 2016

It comes with a trademark name from SRT, making it Charger SRT. It has a 6.4-liter powerful engine, to an extent the engine makes a 640 horsepower. The price range is about more than.$50,000.

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