ZAZ-965 was turned into a “Mercedes”

ZAZ-965 was turned into a “Mercedes”

Network often you can see the legendary car “Zaporozhets” in a tuning improvement. One of another masterpieces – ZAZ-965 with the grille Mercedes-Benz.

The ZAZ-965, which is now sold in Rivne region, in the city of Varash, can claim the title of the original tuning. Machine 1962 release was so ennobled that turned into a Mercedes. Information about the machine posted on her Facebook page “Ukrainian avtomobl”.

As you can see from the photos, the bow of the ZAZ-965 embellished grille from the famous German car Mercedes-Benz with a body W114/W115 produced from 1968 to 1976 the Tuning turned out with taste, to be sure. However, in this case, the grille is worn purely decorative element, as is known, the ZAZ-965 had a rear engine.

By the way, this sample, as indicated in the ad, the native engine, 4-cylinder, air-cooled with a capacity of 27 liters. s. by the Way, tuning was done at the stern. There were other suitablke and two chrome exhaust pipes – engine V-shaped (!). The housings of the exterior rear view mirrors are also new and in chrome.

The specified mileage only 1000 miles, although it is clearly more. The original machine sold for only $ 550. Let’s hope that someone will get a good gift for the coming anniversary of the car. Recall that in 2019, the ZAZ-965 will celebrate 60 years since the start of serial production.

Source: Car Center