Why you should not trust the reliability ratings of cars

Why you should not trust the reliability ratings of cars

Has the effect on the financial condition of the brand?

Automakers like to refer to authoritative ratings, convincing buyers in the durability of their machines. It’s not speculation, but real statistics. Which, it would seem, is not lying. But really to blindly trust the PostScript “the most reliable car on such and such version” not worth it. And we explain why.

A lot of cars, and ratings of their reliability too. Different experts believe in its own way, determine specific criteria, and the sample is also sometimes differ significantly. Therefore, the results do not match. In America – top reliability and durability in Europe – middling. Let’s see how the world’s leading research agencies collect their ratings.

A reputable American company J. D. Power spends a few decades along with other investigation of the reliability of car Vehicle Dependability Study. Experts interviewed owners of three-year vehicles from the United States to perform – how many of the last year of operation, motorists have problems and what knots. In 2016, the participation of 33 of 560 people, there are statistics should be significant.
Cars are evaluated on several parameters. Only selected 177 specific problems and is divided into eight major categories: exterior, powerplant, entertainment system, interior, driving, options, and controls, ventilation and air-conditioning, seat. However, the division is conditional, in the end, is the total number of faults.

At the end of last year for the fifth time in a row, the most reliable automaker according to J. D. Power versions became Lexus. For every 100 vehicles of the brand occurs 95 problems, and the industry average – 152. Then there are Porsche (97), Buick (106), Toyota (113) and GMC (120). It is noteworthy that all “Europeans”, with the exception of the above-mentioned “Porsche”, did not even make the top ten. But at the end of the ranking of a company from different parts of the world, and Nissan (173 issues), and Volkswagen (169) and Land Rover (198). And the last place General Dodge (208).