Why wash the car at the end of winter

Why wash the car at the end of winter

Many car owners suffer last winter sink in the beginning of the spring period, but do not permanently postpone “water treatment”.


There are at least three reasons:

Down with the “chemistry”. It has been said that washing the car in winter, you need to wash away the body of the car aggressive reagents with which strew roads. Many have followed this counsel, however, as a rule, this sink is superficial. In the beginning of spring, it is advisable to carry out a full cleansing of the body, especially the wheel arches and bottoms, preferably with the use of a special shampoo and don’t spare the water to wash 100%.


Routine inspection. It was after a thorough cleaning, especially if you produce yourself, you’ll see there are all chipped and cracked paint, and the results of damage from small pieces of ice and stones. Let until summer “repair and restoration” period is still far, but at least pre-tint or coat anti-corrosive liquid damaged areas – and the time is right.


Personal pleasure. Everyone of you who love your car, or even just likes cleanliness and order will be just nice one day to drive a clean car, besides, it will attract the looks of other drivers and will raise your image in their eyes.


Good luck on the road!