Why summer is required to wash the radiator

Why summer is required to wash the radiator

Summer service consultants actively “sell” their clients with services such as flushing of the radiator of the engine. But many drivers refuse it, as I see no reason not only to pay the official for the extra work, but also to clean the cooling system at all. However, few of them think about the disastrous consequences that can occur due to casual approach to such an important site.

Wash from time to time, the radiator is very necessary, because it honeycomb have unpleasant property to be clogged, reducing the efficiency, and therefore increasing the risk of overheating the motor. The holes in the process of exploitation is deposited road dust, anti-icing agents, insects, poplar fluff and other little things.

But is it really necessary to carry out this procedure every six months as recommended dealers? But no, according to independent experts, the radiator can no longer cope with their responsibilities due to caked mud only five to seven years. The terms depend mainly on the conditions under which operate the machine. If the car carries its owner primarily for short distances around town, the honeycomb can be washed less frequently. If you regularly travel on the tracks respectively, more often. One thing is clear — to ignore this procedure is not necessary.

Before the owner raises a logical question: whom to entrust this process — the dealer, the “gray” auto repair, or an employee of the car wash across the street. Possibly questionable “garage” masters is better to avoid. As inept and washers, ready for a little money to put in order anything.

The fact that the cleaning of the honeycomb radiator modern, stuffed with electronics of a car is a difficult procedure, requiring compliance with a particular algorithm. First, not everyone knows that in the engine compartment not the heat exchanger, but several: besides the main, there are oil coolers and automatic transmission that also needs to be washed, in order to avoid overheating of the engine. But to get to them is not easy — the path is through the dismantling of the bumper, and a plurality of fasteners.

Secondly, to clean the radiator you need very carefully. A jet of water under high pressure is directed into the hood space that can not only dislodge the dirt, but to deform the honeycomb, and at the same time it’s scary and expensive — to bring down the electrician. Who you going to claim if after washing in the instrument panel will turn into a colorful Christmas tree? And costly repairs who will pay?

That’s it — except you, nobody. And therefore, if necessary, clean the honeycomb radiator it is better to use the services of official services. Of course, not the fact that your car will fall into the hands of a qualified mechanic, relieved from the dirt than one heat exchanger during his career. But even if something goes wrong, you can always complain and demand free elimination of malfunctions. It is unlikely that the dealership will contend with you and to shirk responsibility — it’s too “white” dealers value their reputation and status.