Why should the motorist keep soda in the car

Why should the motorist keep soda in the car

Not everyone knows, but such a simple and affordable product like baking soda can be a good service to the owner of the car.

It is difficult to find a housewife in the Arsenal of which would not have been packs of soda. It can be used in cooking and in the economy. However, here are a few simple examples, when sodium bicarbonate is useful in a motor vehicle.

Soda can be used to cleanse the surfaces exposed to scratching. How can you not know that the car almost all surfaces – just like that. Experienced drivers use soda to clean enamel body, plastic components in the cabin, lights, mirror, etc. By the way, this product can be used for cleaning of fabric and leather. Besides, the court has a wonderful ability to get rid of unpleasant “aromas”.

A solution of hydrogen carbonate in pure water in the ratio of one to one can be used to wash tires, wheels, hubcaps, and chrome parts. Soda can perfectly cope with the pollution of the external plastic.

In addition, soda can even be used for minor repairs. Broken plastic parts easily restored with the use of cyanoacrylate in combination with baking soda. After applying the adhesive, the seam need to sprinkle baking soda – this will help make the seam tighter.