Why a black car gets dirty quickly

Why a black car gets dirty quickly

Why a black car gets dirty quickly, how to protect the plastic interior from heat, it is possible to know the actual mileage of the car?

To these and other questions are answered by the head of Department of the original service of the Corporation “UkrAVTO” Alexander Chalenko.

My car is black. Every time after washing it looks good and nice, but after a couple of hours the Shine disappears completely and the view is not as tidy. Heard from friends that this is the problem with black cars. Maybe after washing the body need something to grate?

On vehicles with black paint finishes after washing quickly begins to visible dust and dirt. But this is not a problem specifically black in color, and this color is a magnet for dust and sand. Nowadays there are many options for treatment of the body, the most popular can be considered a solid wax and the polymer coating. These funds do not have small particles of dust and dirt to stay on the paint surface and the observance of technological process of application can maintain the Shine of the car body for a long time. It is also worth noting that this treatment is prevention and protection for the body. But the apply of these funds is recommended to perform specialized services.

From the heat on the plastic in the cabin there are little cracks. Is there a way to deal with it? Protective reflective screen know. But maybe there’s some special chemicals?

It is no secret that direct sunlight may have harmful affects on any surface. The culprit of this phenomenon stands the ultraviolet radiation. As a result, the instrument panel in the car loses its original appearance, the luster is lost, that is, it becomes dull and simply lose color. But if this picture be put together with cracks about appearance you can forget. The simplest action that can be taken to restore the surface is polishing with special abrasive gel and Polish. It should strictly adhere to the instructions for use of these funds. In case of a negative result after these steps, you must contact the authorized repair center where you will be able to produce professional and polished with the grinding machines, and heat treatment of the surface. A simple and accurate solution is not here, but not to try to do something is also not an option. It is therefore necessary to use aerosols to the instrument panel, which are not only clean, but also protect from ultraviolet radiation. It is important to RUB and RUB, because remnants of unnoticed fluid will fade in the sun and leave stains. After this procedure, the material will Shine, but with time become smooth, and then it is necessary to carry out the procedure again.

Want to buy a used car, not very old, a five year old, but worried that the seller may cheat with the real mileage. Says that the car has only 50 thousand km is There any simple and quick way to check the real mileage?

The main rule of buying in the secondary market is never in a hurry, your seller sooner or later will still show up… buying a used car can be divided into two stages, which will help you to understand the approximate mileage and inspect the car. At the first stage you need to look for external wear such interior elements as the steering wheel, seat, shift lever, pedal pads, carpet, buttons Windows and explore the rest of the controls for various systems of the car, while not hesitating to look under seats and in other hard to reach areas of the cabin. The second step is to go to the dealer to check vehicle history (maintenance and other treatment, if any took place), also there are advised to run diagnostics and to hear from technicians about the reality of the mileage of the car. Remember that the replacement of interior items that can give the actual mileage and vehicle condition, costs money and in most cases, such operations no one spends, so pay attention to details and have patience.

For no apparent reason began to seize power. Drop down Windows normally, and rise jerks like overcome obstacles. How to fix and how expensive?

The functions of the electric Windows is very much appreciated by owners of cars for their own convenience and it is something special. But after a time the active operation of the vehicle there comes a time when the Windows start to not work the mechanism may jam or not respond to button presses. The situation in which the window rises jerkily, indicates problems with either the plastic gear of the lifting mechanism or an electric motor. In the first case we are talking about the weak points of the design, which are elements made of plastic. The fact that the plastic gear because of the wear of spinning partially idle, and when the clutch gear with the lift mechanism occurs, there is the effect of work jerks. In this case, it is necessary to replace the faulty part. More costly situation is a partial failure of the electric motor (contact brush), as in this case, you need to replace it. In order to accurately diagnose the causes of defects and their subsequent rectification, will require disassembly of the door. Therefore, we always recommend to contact official service station maintenance, to Troubleshooting problems engaged a subject matter expert.

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