Which is better: the replacement of the rubber bands or buy a new “wiper”

Which is better: the replacement of the rubber bands or buy a new “wiper”

After looking at the streaks on the windshield, many car owners had the idea to replace the rubber components of the wipers, and not to buy new wipers.

The advantages are obvious: gum much cheaper than the whole part. But how rational is this decision? And is it worth it to pay more for new accessories purity?
An obvious saving of money when buying gum is clear to all, but the flaws are not so evident. But they, unfortunately, are.

The main negative point is that not easy to find in stores gum from quality material which will serve for a month, and even season. It should be noted that the composite for different types of brushes should be different.

Itself replacement rubber bands is expected only in the frame of the wipers. In hybrid and frameless wiper this procedure, because of the design features of the janitors, is quite problematic and mostly not provided by the manufacturer.

Experts on HUNDRED recommend changing the rubber components of a janitor not more than two times, and then still have to buy new wiper blades. Such advice is based on the fact that over time wear out the swivel in the construction of brushes and even a new gum poorly adheres to glass. As a result, after replacing the rubber “consumables” virtually no effect on the operation of the wipers, you won’t notice.

And another important thing: there are several varieties and profiles of gum. So often they are not interchangeable. And if you decided to save money, then please contact the shop with worn detail.

So, let’s summarize.

When replacing the elastics on the old wipers have one, but a significant plus – time saving money. The disadvantages of this option are less important at first sight, but is able to negate the point of buying consumables. Specialized Internet shop JANITORS recommends that you carefully weigh the pros and cons. As noted by experts of the store, when a small intensity of travel is enough to change the wipers once a year 1. Oh, and then the decision is yours, because the freedom of choice we have has not been canceled.