Whether or not to glue “moldings” in the body of a car?

Whether or not to glue “moldings” in the body of a car?

Car doors are frequently affected during the opening: you will hit the door at some column, the neighbors in the Parking lot you will be hooked. Moldings can help to protect the paint of the car. Is it worth it to glue them on the car?

What advantages and disadvantages brings the car to install the moldings? What is important to know when buying and installing? What glues the moldings?

The pads on the doors (bumpers, fenders, sills and other body parts) or moldings has two main purposes – aesthetic and practical. In the first case, with the moldings motorists try to emphasize the side lines and the “face” of the machine, to make it visually more elongated and stocky. Before gluing the moldings, which are usually fastened by means of a powerful double-sided tape, you need to look closely at how they look on other cars, “your” model. There are occasions when the lining on the doors make the machine some kind of unfinished, even high (especially unpainted dark moldings).

The second main task is to protect body panels from damage. Of course, when in the Parking lot, or other narrow place there is a risk of damaging the paint, or even leave a small dent, the presence of mouldings is a great solution to the problem. As a rule, they glue on the most protruding part of the door, on the edge, or podshtampovki. There are situations where the mouldings don’t help, but even in such cases, without them damaging the metal or the paintwork would be even more serious.

What moldings to choose?

Today, the automotive stores are the most common moldings of three kinds: ABS plastic (rarely with chrome), rubber, or polished stainless steel. First it is best to cope with the various mechanical injuries, may also be painted in the body color of the car. Rubber is bad “hold” the paint, so often they are mounted on the car unpainted. They are cheaper than the previous type, but looks rough, with a touch of “machismo”.

Moldings polished “stainless steel” perform primarily a decorative function. The damaged they usually lose their attractiveness and require replacement. Most often, the moldings are sold in kits for specific car has already been chopped along the length of the doors. Some car enthusiasts to save to buy pads “per meter” and then adjust on the spot.

I advise you to choose a ready-made set, because these moldings are usually protected territory, well-fitting fixing etc.

As already mentioned, the most common variants of the moldings are mounted on the back of double-sided tape, less likely to get the pads on the caps. I suggest you to give preference to the first kind because to install the clips require drilling doors and paint damage that can result in corrosion in several places.


The question of whether to glue the moldings to the door to answer unequivocally difficult. For starters take a good look at other similar models: “go” if they have moldings? If an updated appearance to your vehicle you do not mind and practicality for you so much – feel free to glue. It stick, because the moldings that attach the caps to the body is recommended to refuse.