Where to leave the car at night

Where to leave the car at night

Autoblog conducted a survey among readers and subscribers.

How to keep the car in the Parking lot, in a garage or under cover? Well, more precisely, not to keep, and just leave every day at night. Autoblog journalists conducted a survey among the readers and subscribers of the site. Here what results turned out:

So, most of holovousy, and that 43% said that they had to leave the car at night in the yard. In second place – the happy owners of the garage, the percentage which the survey – 34%. on the third place in popularity – Parking in the paid Parking areas – 19%. Only 4% of respondents admitted that they are forced for security reasons to leave on the night of the iron horse near to home bar 4%.

Try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Less questions about where to leave the car, there is the owners who have their own garage, in this case everything is clear. It is only in the evening to drive a car in a garage and with a clear conscience go home. But what is not so lucky car owners? There are a lot of questions trying to understand whether at least some sense and the advantage of possessing vehicle in the “secure” Parking lot or such most success you can Park your car near the house and not to bother about this? No wonder the word “secure” car Park in quotes because this concept is very conditional.