Where in the interior of the car appear unpleasant smells

Where in the interior of the car appear unpleasant smells

Often the owners find the cabin of your car of unpleasant odors. Why they can appear and how to deal with it?

Moisture can cause serious problems in your car, the main of which is corrosion. How to get rid of it and prevent in the future?

Recognize the causes of “spring” scents

The end of winter and first weeks of spring are often accompanied by a sharp warming, the melting of snow drifts, rain – and, as a consequence, deep puddles. Passengers and especially the driver, as the most frequent “visitor” of your car, along with the shoes will wear into the water and mud. If you do not have rubber mats on the floor or of the time they were worn, then all the dirt by the host fabric covers the floor. She quickly gets wet and dries very slowly. Over time, preheated oven, the moisture in the mats can somewhat “ferment” and start to remind myself of the sour unpleasant smell of dampness in the car. Also the cause of bad breath can be a wet glove, or other thing, abandoned in a hurry when cleaning snow, which is like a rug “stagnated”.

How to eliminate odors?

The easiest and most effective way to deal with dampness and unpleasant damp smell – it’s good to dry the car. This can be done in several ways.

First, if weather conditions (warm and Sunny) and there are appropriate safe place, it is necessary to lower the Windows and leave the car in the sun. If the street is still cool, then you need one or two centimeters priopustit glass and include the cabin heater. For a couple of hours he will do the same job, and the sun during the day.

If you dried out the interior completely, and some time machine didn’t use a carpet or floor covers are wet again, so it’s not the passengers and the water enters the machine through the glass seals, bad welds, etc. (each car has its signature sore). In this case, you will have to call the service station. It happens that even after complete drying dry the mats exude less visible, but still the same “flowery” smell. In this case, it will only dry cleaning of the cabin. But again the caveat – often after it also requires “home” drying and thorough ventilation of the cabin.

Apple bloom and air conditioning

In the spring, many motorists after turning on the air conditioning feel a very unpleasant smell. The reason for this is mold and fungus growing on the evaporator air conditioning system. This problem may be even more evil than metal corrosion from dampness: mold spores suspended in the air flow from the ventilation system, can cause allergic reactions and even serious respiratory diseases. The most reliable way to avoid these problems is prevention.

If every couple of weeks, even in winter, for a short time to turn on the air conditioner, the probability of mold will be significantly lower. If you still feel the smell of mold, it is necessary to carry out the bioremediation system of ventilation and air conditioning. There are many relevant drugs (most of which – aerosol) for independent use. With the guidance process will cope and aspiring driver: with certain variations (take the trouble to study the manual) you need, spray the cleaner by turning on the system at the maximum fan rpm, and some time to wait.

However, experts note that this method does not solve the problem 100%. If the smell out of the vents is strong and does not appear “a little blood”, will only torpedo the dismantling and cleaning of the channels and the evaporator with the help of specialized tools in terms of auto repair.


In the fight against stagnant moisture and mold importantly – do not tighten. Each delayed day gives you an extra chance for the development of corrosion and subsequent auto body repair. As well as to the development of bacteria that can cause allergies and other diseases. In this case it is better to save just in time!