When you need to think about replacing your car

When you need to think about replacing your car

For someone the car is the usual means of transportation worker on each day.

And the owner will drive the car until until it is completely rust away, it will not fall off the wheel or simply do not “die” engine.

Someone tries every 2-3 years to update your garage, and change is practically a new car for even more new, economical and crammed with technological bells and whistles. Extremes? Possible. There is no denying the fact that the lifetime of the car is gradually reduced. Manufacturers save on everything: on the life of the engine, the quality of body elements on the interior. Everything is done to ensure that a motorist has started as early as possible to spend money on regular maintenance of the machine and, realizing that it is too “hit” on the wallet, moved for a new car. And yet, to buy the next “iron horse” needs to be very specific arguments. What? Understand “Autoblog”.

Incurable disease

Most from storm and bad road conditions plagued the body. Even the most experienced drivers get in an accident, albeit small. Besides, if the car of budget class, he fairly quickly begins the “aging” of paint, there are chips, scratches. The result is predictable – corrosion. At an early stage it is still possible to “catch” – to etch the paint. But if rust appears somewhere in the area of the sills, wings, or worse, on the door is to eliminate it almost impossible. And this is a strong argument in order to think about changing cars.

Only for millionaires

The owners of the old “Mercedes”, “Audi”, “BMW” commercials years 80s release, with pride claim that their engines a million miles away will work without a major overhaul, and demolition they will not. In these words there is indeed much truth in it. But in modern cars “millionaire” can not be found. The life of the engine calculated in the best case for 400-500 thousand km, but most of all – 250-300 thousand miles. No, this does not mean that the car after this point on the odometer will stall and stop dead in his tracks. But the motor will likely start problems and breakdowns, the elimination of which will have to spend a lot of money. So maybe it is better to “update” the car than to invest in his ill health?