What you need to know the driver is a beginner

What you need to know the driver is a beginner

Each of the drivers had once worried about leaving the first time the “high road”…

Often newcomers, who had just graduated from a driving school, worried that they have to become a member of an intense movement among the experienced drivers. And there is no instructor to tell or correct their movement. Meanwhile, it should be remembered that all the sitting behind the wheel drivers have a common goal: to get to the destination without incident. And most of the traffic the appropriate people, and the presence of a common goal unites a large team — in this case, the team of drivers, experts say and give answers to the most common questions.

1. Would I fit into the flow of cars coming on the main road?

Any novice driver have to travel on a busy road. Therefore, this issue is one of the first. Of course you can — in the dense flow are vacuum. Or will fall understand the driver who slows down. The main thing when leaving — do not forget to miss not only the left but also the right — perhaps just in this moment someone is overtaking in the right lane.
It so happens that while traveling, waiting behind is attached the other driver and starts beeping. To respond to this situation should just go back anymore, only forward remains. So, no need to pay attention to the beeping machine behind her risk of accident is not coming. You need to target the evaluation of the correct distance to the nearest car and leave when it is convenient for you, not someone else. If there is an accident, then you’re guilty, not the one who honked.
There’s also the reverse situation: a beginner moving on the main road and a side road on him in violation of the rules of car rides. If his intentions are quite clear, you will have to pause and skip. On the road of rights is not the one who knows by heart the rules, and the one who seeks to avoid the accident. In the place of the nerve may be an inexperienced beginner who forgot something or mixed up.

2. One of the drivers on the road behaves unclear, or inappropriately aggressive. What do I do?

There really should beware. To feel comfortable on the road, you need to understand exactly what does the driver in the car next to you, or at least establish visual contact. If not, it is better to leave the bully behind or in front of, inadequate drivers, the novice should miss.

3. How to determine a safe distance between me and other cars?

The higher the speed, the greater must be the distance. In the city where the speed limit is, considered a safe distance of 20 meters, outside the city — 40 m. But experienced drivers assess the distance in meters and in seconds. If ahead going car passed the tree (pole) for 3-4 seconds before you distance safely. At the traffic light distance is exposed properly, if you can see the rear wheel facing the front of the car.