What you need to know about changing the color of the car

What you need to know about changing the color of the car

How to amend registration details of the motor vehicle after its repainting.

Clarification on this issue is provided in one of the Regional service centers of the Ministry of interior.

In accordance with the applicable legislation, in case if carried out the repainting of the vehicle, it is necessary to re-register. In this case it must be done within 10 calendar days after the occurrence of such circumstances, in other words, after repainting.

For this specified period, the car owner, or Trustee is drawn in any of the territorial service centers of the Ministry of internal Affairs. The place of residence, and residence do not matter. You need to have following documents: passport, tax identification number, certificate of registration of the vehicle and, if necessary, the order of the Trustee.

You should pay attention to the fact that in the process of registration in the column “Color” can be made to only one of the eleven basic colors: white, yellow, orange, gray, brown, purple, red, beige, green, blue and black. The shades of these colors are not specified. In that case, if the car is painted in a few basic colors, when registering, the one that prevails.

Source: Morning city.