What was the Lotus Lada, built in show Top Gear

What was the Lotus Lada, built in show Top Gear

Everyone knows the most epic car TV show Top Gear, but not all, will remember that in one of the episodes aired a story about the transformation of an ordinary Lada Riva (the export of VAZ-2105) in a classy sports sedan. And that was back in 2002.

To the masters of Lotus Engineering at the time was a Russian car model year 1996. Her owner was Paul Sherwood, who gave his beloved budget car specialists of the legendary Lotus Cars for rework. To turn the car into a real sports sedan, took 15 days and as much as 1,000 man-hours of a team of highly skilled professionals Lotus.

So as the car decided to make a sports sedan, it had to abandon the native power unit. Place stock in a 1.5-liter engine VAZ went to the legendary atmospheric 2.0 litre Fiat Twin Cam. This engine stood on such cars as the Fiat 132 and Lancia Beta, Lancia Delta etc. of Course the 2.0-liter aspirated was finalized. His finishing was engaged in the guy Croft, who is the author of a book on tuning Fiat Twin Cam. He managed to increase the capacity of the unit up to 180 HP Transmission: five-speed manual gearbox from a rear wheel drive Fiat. The maximum speed is 237 km/h.

Not without changes to the braking system and suspension. They had used some components from Lotus sport. As for wheels, the standard wheels were replaced with BBS racing semi-slicks.

Inside, a sporty Momo steering wheel with the Lotus logo on the horn button, bucket front seats, tachometer. Completes the picture of the exterior. The car was painted in the company paint Talbot Sunbeam Lotus in black and silver color.

You’re probably wondering, what is the budget of the project. The cost is really impressive. Now, to the details of it spent 43 000 euros, and 145 000 euros went to pay 1000 man-hours of specialists from Lotus. And that’s only for 15 days got this car.

The British customer was delighted with the result. But, in 2003, Paul Sherwood, for family reasons, sold my sporty and exclusive Harmony. You will not believe it, but the car was auctioned off of Ebay just over 7,000 pounds!

The new owner of the 180-strong Lada became a resident of Germany, who immediately purchase put in the car about 20 000 euros. After 3 years and he decided to sell the car but for the amount he wanted to help with the sale, the car nobody bought. Sell the German owner of a rare car so not had time, as in 2011 died. In the end, the Lada Riva came to the Munich dealer of the brand Lotus and currently resides in the showroom of the British brand.