What to do if a stolen car number

What to do if a stolen car number

In recent years in our country, cases of theft of car numbers. What to do and where to go if you are a victim of such “robbery”.

First, if there was such trouble, you must call the police to make a stolen license plate and get the appropriate help.

Then contact the local service center with the following list of documents: passport, identification code, certificate of registration of the vehicle.

It should be noted that to obtain a new license plate in this case provides for the passage of the inspection. Subject to the availability of all documents and a positive expert opinion, the citizen receives a new certificate of registration and new license plates.

We should not forget that, with re-registration old numbers are invalid and need to pass in the territorial service center. In the process of re-doing them in the national automated information system of the Ministry of internal Affairs of our country, marked “wanted” or “lost”. This procedure will prevent the possibility of the use of these license plates by unauthorized persons.