What is the “engine protection” and why it is needed

What is the “engine protection” and why it is needed

Case protection device, which protects the components and assemblies of the engine from mechanical damage. It mounts on the bottom of the car directly under the engine.

Why the need for crankcase

In addition to protecting the engine from mechanical damage, the device often prevents the theft of the machine, making it difficult to access the wiring. Sometimes criminals bite the wire that goes from the battery to the electrical equipment, and alarm and is quite low. Set to make it problematic.

Protection does not contribute to engine overheating. When the car is moving, air flows through the radiator of the car in front and cool the engine. It will even be useful in winter, because with it the engine cools somewhat slower than without it. Additionally, she glued the insulation to it less rattled.

For oil change in protection has the necessary holes with plastic plugs, which are fairly easy to access. To remove the protection during this procedure is not necessary. It is necessary to remove if you need to change the filter, and the access to it can be obtained only from the bottom. Although some products have implemented a hatch to replace the filter without removing the protection, which will save money for its removal/installation.

Engine protection easy to install, without the need to drill into the bottom of the bore, as often it is attached using standard fasteners. It will be an additional advantage in passive safety. So try to figure out how it is secured to avoid additional problems during the installation.