What is dangerous riding at half-mast tire

What is dangerous riding at half-mast tire

It is no secret that the level of pressure in the tires depend not only driving performance, comfort, handling, fuel consumption, and safety of driver and passengers. What fatal consequences can cause long riding at half-mast wheels.

Of course, it all depends on how reduced the recommended tire pressure. Not a secret — what is the difference the bigger the movement on this car is dangerous. Even missing 0.3 atmosphere can have a significant impact on the reduction of vital characteristics. Therefore, every driver should regularly monitor the pressure in the tires and time to swap.

First of all, the car dropped down on the tires are greatly reduced dynamic performance and deteriorating the steering acceleration becomes sluggish, and the steering wheel padded. But the most dangerous is that this machine reduces the efficiency of the braking system, and an emergency stop it is brake way. This is especially noticeable on wet roads and, of course, on slippery surfaces in the winter, when some drivers specially lowered and tires for riding on snow.

Do not think that we are talking about a minor increase in braking distance. In heavy traffic and at higher speeds, even the most insignificant failure of this function can lead to unpredictable consequences. Moreover, in such a situation increases the risk of rupture of the tyre.

Low tire pressure can cause a partial or even complete loss of control during the passage of high-speed rotation. When maneuvering this machine loses stability, worse holds his line, which significantly increases the chance of an uncontrolled skid. It is easy to guess how unpredictable will behave in such wheels when hydroplaning.

A long drive on a deflated tire greatly enhances their wear. This leads to irreversible damage to the frame around the entire circumference of the side walls. The tyre loses its shape, deformed and quickly overheat. In the result, the cord splits and breaks. In this regard, it is especially dangerous to ride on the lowered tyres on bad roads, because any bump or pit can cause the rupture of the tyre. If this happens at high speed, inevitably a serious accident. And, of course, the traffic on these tires hit hard on the pocket, as even a slight loss of pressure leads to increased fuel consumption.