What if you found the grad

What if you found the grad

In recent years, the weather is generous with unpredictable surprises, and it is difficult to anticipate that we are preparing for Heaven tomorrow. In the summer season from different parts of the country and then we get reports of dropped out grad. What temperatures often reach enormous size, causing serious injury to people and machines.

Pieces of solid ice, even in small pipes, due to the acceleration of free fall can deal a crushing blow, which not only strikes the body panel of the car and smash the windshield to pieces, but also severely injure people. Safe for people and cars are considered as hailstones with a diameter of not more than one or one and a half inches. And peas of ice more than two inches in diameter can cause a man and the body of a car was significantly damaged.

If you as a result of the hail affected only the paint, consider yourself lucky. Precipitation with a diameter of over two inches can leave deep dents in the horizontal planes of the body — the bonnet, roof and trunk (if we are talking about the sedan or the liftback). In addition, icicles, such dimensions could break the windshield and rear window.

If the castle caught you at home or at the cottage, just in case you should secure the horizontal part of the body any appropriate materials at hand — for example, rubber mats, covers from the seats, pieces of cloth, clothes, inflatable mattress.

Keep in mind, if these things are not enough to cover the whole car, first of all it is necessary to protect the windshield, otherwise, if it is broken, move on will be difficult due to limited visibility.

As for the body, it is best to cover one part of the design, but as a whole, than a few, but partially. After all, even with a single damage, for example, of the hood, it will have to change completely.

To estimate in advance the grad simple, the driver is difficult. He usually starts the day in hot weather at the same time with heavy rain, but not every rain and thunderstorm is expected in degrees. But still, if he caught you in the way, it is advisable to stop and define the size of peas — if they are able to damage the machine. Predicting this risk, you should try to find shelter.

Most often in this role the gas station, where almost always in the area filling a large visor. Will come down and the canopy of trees, but the wind can get ready to the falling branches, which can also cause car damage. Much safer to use for this purpose overpasses and bridge ceiling, if you stop under them is not a traffic violation.

Before you go in search of shelter, it is essential to determine the wind direction and only move in the leeward direction. However, if the field of view of such shelters do not exist, it is best to turn the motor off and stay in place because hail usually lasts no more than 10 minutes, and only in rare cases 15.

While the machine is, you will have the opportunity to cover the body with improvised items mentioned above. Keep in mind — the scientists suggest that the average size of the ice coming from the heavens, constantly growing from year to year, and today it is not uncommon to meet with hailstones the volume of a chicken egg.

According to the materials of Avtosklad