What if at the gas station the car was filled with poor fuel

What if at the gas station the car was filled with poor fuel

What if the tank of your car filled with petrol or diesel fuel is of poor quality.

Who in life had situations when filling in not the most familiar of gas stations became a necessity. And the quality of the fuel which is filled into the fuel tank of your car is always a lottery.

Experts explain what to do in cases where no luck.

To understand that the car has got low-grade gasoline or diesel, can be some characteristic features. This can be a particular unusual sounds, floating speed, poor acceleration, the increased fuel consumption, exhaust black color or other problems. Unfortunately, these symptoms do not manifest immediately, but as a rule, when you are at a decent distance pulled away from unscrupulous gas stations.

The first necessary action in this case is to stop the car, because the less lasting machine motor will work on low-quality gasoline, the better it is for its “health”.

Very important “on their own” to get to the gas station and to voice their grievances. You must provide a cashier’s check or a video recorder, so that was proof that you refueled your car at this station.

If station staff will “make excuses” and not to respond to your claim, feel free to ask for examination of fuel. Typically, the major network filling complexes have their own mobile lab. If that doesn’t work, you can call on the scene of independent experts, and to take the gasoline or diesel fuel for analysis.

In this case, if examination proves the low quality fuel, then you can immediately go to court and demand compensation for incurred damages. Usually, the owners of petrol stations tend not to bring the case to litigation and go forward in order to solve problems without the involvement of public authorities.

The main thing to remember is if you feel a clear indication that your car was filled with poor fuel, immediately go back to the offending gas station and prove his innocence.