What country is better to drive a car

What country is better to drive a car

Each state has its own characteristics on the used car market.

In what state is better to do the acquisition of vehicles used.


This country is famous for a large number of commercial vehicles offered for sale. While trucks here tend to have very high mileage. But when you purchase cars it is very important to pay attention to the absence of corrosion of the body, as the sea air with high track contributes to its growth.


The number of automotive companies in this country just rolls over. Given the fact that German people are quite wealthy, therefore, frequent change of cars for local people is a usual thing. Accordingly, the used car market – is constantly filled and updated. Cars here are cheap, their technical condition, usually very good.


In this state it is best to buy cars produced locally. A large number of used vehicles in Italy had to go to minor accidents. And sellers prefer not to mention it when selling.


In this country a well presented diesel car with a manual transmission. Also, there are often defects in the body


Here is a very well presented German cars who drive to Poland specifically for resale.