Warm up the engine in the summer: dangerous or necessary?

Warm up the engine in the summer: dangerous or necessary?

In the yard in the summer. There is the heat. What will happen to the motor, when after a long Parking lot to warm up and then to go, as many are accustomed to do in the winter?

About the fact that in winter the power unit is necessary after start-up to warm for some time, says a lot. Indeed, even modern engine after long Parking in the cold requires a warm-up. However, the majority of manufacturers asserts that this should not be. Got and went.

Minders can understand. Write instructions that their child requires a warm-up, so claims from a variety of environmental organizations will not be gathered. Because the catalytic Converter warms up immediately, but because the atmosphere leaves an increased amount of harmful substances.

So whether you want to warm the motor in the summer? At operating temperature, and it is about 90 degrees, the motor goes immediately. There was a car in the cold or in the heat, doesn’t matter. Thus, after starting, the engine warms up unevenly.

First, combustion chambers, coolant, engine oil and catalytic Converter. So to warm the engine even in the summer heat you need. But not as much as in the winter, and just a little bit. And then, to give him some time to load. Not to go at high speed. Do not drive like a madman, twisting the unit in the ring. That’s when the damage to the engine will not and he will live longer.

According to the materials of Avtosklad