Volvo introduces a car detection system of animals

Volvo introduces a car detection system of animals

In the coming year, the Swedes announced a number of innovations for model 90-th and 60-th series. One of the most interesting and important complex of active safety, preventing collision with large animals.


As we know, obsessed with security volkovtsy last fall announced a program to study the behavior of kangaroos and the corresponding adaptation of the City Safety complex to detect these unpredictable creatures, which is a threat to health and property. Meanwhile, the company has taught its cars to “see” large animals — elk, deer or cows, which pose a mortal threat to people in the event of a collision.


On the new crossover XC90 2017 model year, and, of course, the S90 sedan and V90 wagon, which the public will present in Geneva, will appear advanced function of automatic braking City Safety, which allows to avoid “contact” with the carcass weighing a couple hundred pounds, or to reduce the severity of such meetings. By the way, itself is City Safety, according to research by the American Insurance Institute of road safety IIHS has reduced the number of assaults on traveling ahead of the vehicle by 41%, and the injury of the passengers in the Volvo was less than 47%.

In some markets XC90 will come with adaptive cruise control with Pilot Assist II, which operates at speeds up to 130 km/h. Barbadian D5 2.0 litre crossover will receive a clever system PowerPulse: unit docked to an electric compressor, discharge the pressure in the cylinder volume of 2.0 L. If the gas pedal is pressed, compressed air is directed into the intake to exclude the effect of turbo pint.

Metamorphosis touched and the family, “shestidesyatniki”. From next year all members of the line will be equipped with gasoline 245-horsepower T5 engine and 8-speed automatic in conjunction with four-wheel drive transmission. In some markets parquet sedan S60 Cross Country will come with a diesel D3 2.0 litre 150 HP