Volvo equips its vehicles with an external AirBag system

Volvo equips its vehicles with an external AirBag system

Preparation of this kind of security system began a couple of years ago.


And today we can see these “outer pillow” on the serial models of automobiles. Advanced in this field, as in the direction of security in General, of course, is the Volvo brand, but they adopt the “torch” and other brands, such as the Range Rover.

Originally considered such a security concept to protect pedestrians in a frontal impact, as an additional tool to the already existing soft and shock-absorbing bumpers (to prevent knee injuries), as well as remotely rising of the hood (so that upon impact of the pedestrian on the hood, not to cause more injury to the contact of the Flex of the hood with the engine).

Now, under the aforementioned hood is to be a cushion, protecting the victim’s head.


But not only pedestrians are able to protect the “external security”. To date, tested side “blind”, noticing that the imminent lateral collision, in the moments before an accident will create a lateral damper to reduce the force impact of the blow.


So while the era of Autonomous cars is yet to come, researchers and designers will do.