“Volga in Ukrainian” tight SUV

“Volga in Ukrainian” tight SUV

This Volga attracts an incredible tuning, from which other road users is not alone.

This car Volga GAZ-31105 appeared on the streets of Kiev not so long ago. The feature of the car – a very formidable tuning. Noticing a car in my rearview mirror, I want to instantly give up her way. And the thing is a terrible cage.
And differently it will not name.

Just imagine – “kenguryatnik” here is not only on the front bumper and around the car. Even the wheel arches enclosed by a steel pipe. In this way, the owner decided to protect your car from possible accidents.

The main goal of alteration achieved. This Volga is really not afraid of small accidents. And to check its steel frame, hardly anyone will dare. With such a machine just to butt obviously, no one will. Moreover, it is not clear who sits behind the wheel. The owner securely shut yourself from the prying eyes of the blinds on the Windows of the front doors.

So this Volga GAZ-31105 will be stronger than many SUVs, if we talk about protection of the body. By the way, the car will give odds to many off-road terrain. As you can see from the photo, there are the wheels larger, which significantly raised the ground clearance, and along with increased angles of approach and departure.

Source: Car Center