Video with terrible tuning Mercedes gathered nearly 6 million views

Video with terrible tuning Mercedes gathered nearly 6 million views

Video installed on 30-inch wheels of the sports Roadster Mercedes SLK R170 brought to mind the Internet.

There are in some States of America has its own strange fashion very outrageous tuning. And one of his directions is the so-called style of “Donk” (donk, which means donkey) – installation on any classic or ordinary passenger car giant wheels, completely disproportionate to the size of the machine.

The other day a representative of the Donk community literally shook the Internet. One of the motorists on the road Florida filmed completely disfigured Mercedes-Benz SLK R170, learn which could work.

Lightweight sports Roadster, elegant design which can serve as a model of style and thoroughbred beauty with really huge 30-inch wheels with chrome wheels. Looking at such crossing a deer with a rhinoceros in others pain literally drove the jaw. The witness who filmed it, at first did not even believe his eyes. And then during the filming just sobbed “no, no! what have you done?!”.

In the video, which now looked about 5.8 million people (that for this kind of video is without exaggeration the record), it is unclear who manages and is the owner of this car-Frankenstein. But his passenger was an elderly man who for attention and outright indignant glances of passing motorists, responded with a victory sign.

He probably mistakenly thought disfigured in an ugly Mercedes-Benz SLK R170 is the admiration, not resentment. Oh how he was wrong! Enough to read the reports of commentators who have viewed the video. They barely restrained so as not to name the author of the tuning in the world the most indecent words. And some even on behalf of all Florida residents trying to apologize.

Source: Car Center