Tuners presented a 536-horsepower Golf RLMS

Tuners presented a 536-horsepower Golf RLMS

The official tuning Studio of Volkswagen and Audi introduced at the SEMA show in Las Vegas special development – Golf sports RLMS, which is twice as powerful factory version of the Golf R. On the development of the sports car specialists Atelier APR spent more than two years.

The basis for the new Golf R was 2018, but judging by the photos from the car the little that is left. Sports car has undergone several changes, in the end, the tuners managed to create almost a new car, whose power increased to 244 HP compared to the basic version.

Petrol 2.0-litre turbo engine, 292 HP boosted to 536 HP, and torque increased from 379 to 642 Nm. This increase in capacity was possible due to upgraded injectors, new fuel pump, new exhaust system and some other changes. To APR say that Golf RLMS is capable to overcome distance in 402 meters with a standing start in under 10 seconds and top speed of 225 km/h 15 seconds faster than the factory Golf R.

Atelier also developed for the new special racing kit, new suspension, a rear spoiler and installed wider wheels. All this allows to increase downforce at high speeds. In the interior – sports seats-ladles, racing roll cage and fire suppression system.

After the debut of the show car will be on a journey around the country.