Tips to reduce fuel consumption that don’t work

Tips to reduce fuel consumption that don’t work

On the Internet you can find a lot of advice from different experts on how to save on fuel. Some of them are useful. But there are those who do not work in practice. Today we will tell you about them.

  • Economical manual gearbox
  • It is considered that a car with a manual transmission uses less fuel than automatic transmission. But that was before. Sophisticated “automatic” is also quite economical. Especially if driving in clogged city streets. Now it makes no sense to buy a car with a manual transmission just because of the economy.

  • Higher octane ratings
  • Some motorists believe that the more octane the better. If, say, instead of 95-octane gasoline to run your car ‘ 98, it will not only consume less fuel, but will quickly go. But this is not always the case and can even lead to tragic consequences. Therefore, pour into the tank is the fuel that requires the automaker.

  • Frequent air filter replacement
  • The efficiency of the air filter largely depends on the condition of the engine. If the motor gets the solid particle dust, the cylinders and piston rings are doomed. But do not need to frequently change the air filter, because it will not help to reduce fuel consumption. Do everything in good time.

  • Night refueling
  • Some drivers specially made in the night or early in the morning to the tank you could fit more fuel. They proceed from the fact that night and early the next morning the density of fuel is higher. But they do not take into account that the underground tanks the temperature difference is more modest than on the surface. So these cunning outsmarted themselves, lack of sleep and practically nothing is saving.

  • Turn off the air conditioning and open the Windows
  • It is believed that fuel economy is better not to use air conditioning and just open Windows. The logic in this. But note that because of the open Windows worsens the aerodynamics of the car, which leads to fuel consumption increase. Air conditioning, not Windows, more efficient for speeds over 80 km/h.

    Source: Autonews