“Three woes”, trapping the driver in the heat

“Three woes”, trapping the driver in the heat

In hot weather, coolness in the cabin of a modern car creates the illusion of comfort, however, in these conditions the driver often particularly in danger of getting sick due to “service” your own car.

Even the most advanced automotive climate control at the onset of really hot weather becomes dangerous. Primarily because air conditioning is often the cause of severe colds. Pleasant enough to be ill with flu or pneumonia. But it is especially insulting to lie with a temperature of “about 40 degrees”, when the window — the height of summer and the heat melts the asphalt on the roads. These and similar diseases easier to earn, including the full capacity of the cooling mode in the climate system of the machine. Several abrupt transitions from street heat to the cold compartment and at least a runny nose you provided.

The driver is especially vulnerable to hypothermia, if you ride in company with the front-seat passenger. The last that it did not blow cold wind on the inside of the vents of the climate control, sometimes closing them completely. Because of this, imperceptibly, but dramatically increasing airflow to the driver, thereby increasing it to the already high risk of catching cold.

In many cars, even not the premium segment, can now be installed seats with ventilation. One thing, it can help to quickly cool down “seat”, the heat of the sun in the Parking lot. And quite another to cool his “fifth point” for the entire trip. In the latter case, chill the kidneys, sciatic nerve, or some other valuable “liver” — simple.

Another danger for the driver comes from the air filter the cabin air conditioning system. Almost all the drivers in one way or another heard that somewhere in the wilds of the ducts, their machines can live and prosper malicious microbes. And, theoretically, with them that something needs to be done. But, as experience shows, only a meager share of car owners “get” to do anything in this direction. Most for all time the ownership of the car is limited to only theoretical discussion on the topic “it would be necessary to change the filter in the condo”.

And to complete the cleaning of air ducts to reach the people only when really what is called a “push” — if every car ride ends with high-quality cold caused by living in the ducts bacteria. The insidiousness of these microorganisms in the fact that they often act as the catalysts of asthma attacks and allergies.