Things to check in the car before the end of summer

Things to check in the car before the end of summer

In the last days of summer, car owners need to perform several tasks before the onset of wet and cold weather.

Published a to-do list for car owners, which is to perform better in warm period.


If you do not follow minor scratches and chipped paintwork in the winter will certainly corrosion, and the spring – a new trouble, fakty, writes. Damage to the body can be “hidden” and inconspicuous places: in the trunk or under the hood.


If there are more serious defects , such as dents, it is better to fix it now. Experts agree that in warm and dry weather the paint work on the body give good results for a long time.

The bottom

On the opposite side of the body is also worth paying attention to – namely, as a minimum, to check on his condition. After all the work on this part of autumn, and especially winter are made much more difficult and longer.


Until the beginning of autumn is necessary to dry the interior, to close to cold not detect the fungus, or corrosion. Special attention should be paid to the moisture under the mats and under the skin. Moreover, your salon may need dry cleaning, which is also better to do in the summer.

Antifreeze and battery

First you need to check all the rubber hoses, which circulates the fluid, otherwise in winter they can crack. And in the case of intensive operation of the cooling system, which is typical for summer time can evaporate the component from which it would not freeze in the winter. Therefore it is necessary not to forget to change the antifreeze, if necessary.

The battery should also be changed, if there are doubts about his condition. And most importantly: taking care of your car in summer for it is possible to worry less in the winter.