The world’s first “rubber road”

The world’s first “rubber road”

The developers have created the technology of road construction from rubber.

This technology is called “quiet roads”. The essence of innovation is that the asphalt in combination with added rubber obtained from waste tires, provides an opportunity not only to recycle waste rubber, but at the same time improve the safety and durability of the pavement. This convinced the head of the Association of asphalt contractors Poland (Andrez Vyshinsky).

Experts managed to achieve such results through the development of new technologies of bitumen production with the addition of rubber material which are shredded car tires.

Advantage of the new asphalt pavement is increased resistance to cracking, aging, and low temperatures. All of this reduces costs for repair and maintenance of roads, ensuring longer service life of the road surface. Compared with traditional ways, this method helps to reduce the noise from the cars by 3 to 6 dB.

To cover 1 km quiet roads need from 400 to 1200 used tires. Today, this country has actively implemented this technology and have built at least 200 km of “rubber road”.