The tuners showed gold Corvette C7

The tuners showed gold Corvette C7

Given the popularity of the sport car Chevrolet and the amazing diversity of the lineup, the owners of the Corvette C7 not easy to stand out.

Some, however, do not give up easily, and many tuners are happy to satisfy the most fanciful desires. So, one owner of a sports car from Florida asked specialists Atelier TS Designs to equip the convertible Corvette new body kit. Nothing unusual in this; on the contrary, as a more powerful wings give the model a more evil appearance.

Created in cooperation with Moscow, a wide-body body kit will need everyone who wants to replace the standard wheels Corvette on the massive new wheels. The owner decided to choose for your Chevrolet Corvette C7 Moscow GTR wheels in size 20 inch front and 22 rear.

New rims painted in gold color to match the bold color of the body which resemble the precious metal. Surprisingly, some of the cars escaped the painting. These include red brake calipers and black aerodynamic elements such as ventilation holes in the fenders, front splitter, rear wing and rear diffuser. However, the gold theme continues inside with accents on the seats and door panels.

Interestingly, the owner has another similar Corvette C7 blue color that is used in everyday life, which could mean that the gold car is a weekend car. About the cost of this customization information, unfortunately, no.

Source: Speedme