The theft of the headlights and the rudder: how to deal with “strip” car

The theft of the headlights and the rudder: how to deal with “strip” car

Disappointing statistics “undressing” the car forcing car owners to go to various tricks.

To earn theft auto, not necessarily steal the car. Part thieves prefer easy to remove with expensive parts.

I think with cars they steal just the wheels, Yes the brushes are “janitors”? As it is not so! The owners of premium cars (including old one) are worried about a much larger number of items! It all started back in the 2008 crisis, skinned moldings and tape the PDC from “two hundred twentieth of Mercedes” (S-class), extracted from “Mazda” along with the bumpers, headlight washers and tidy, and the “Gazelles” — twisted whole transmission! Now the economy is again all not sweet, and went to the second wave.

Necessary disclaimer

Do not rush to accuse us that we give unscrupulous citizens guide to action. First, the “troubled elements” and so all know. And secondly, we refer to the penal code.

Theft optics defenseless models is very simple: a few precise movements with your hand or with a screwdriver, after which the item is to hook, loosened and pulled out to the outside. All in all — less than a minute.

What and who is stealing?

Thieves hunt for the fact that “bad lies”. And in the case of the car — easy installed. Manufacturers are trying to make the most maintainable design, but in a marginal society, it turns out to be the car owners problem. The ease of disassembly of the headlights of the Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7 became a legend — such thefts are very common so far. Demand, and optics (front and rear) off-road Range Rover/Land Rover and Volvo. In less common cases, suffer in a similar way to other large crossovers — including the Ford Explorer, according to the portal sim.

A separate category of body trivia premium models. It mirrors, moldings, nameplates, end caps, wheels, cover headlight washers and thread for tow eyes. More likely to suffer BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Japanese premium Lexus and Infiniti. Do not disdain, and integrated multimedia system “Japanese” — they take out the whole unit, effectively denying the vehicle the most part of the center console.

Single story with BMW. The nature of this epidemic has taken the theft of wheels (mainly from M-line), mirror features (basically, electrochromic), liquid crystal Primorac, branded multimedia systems (mainly advanced NBT, although the “pull” and a simple CIC) and carbon fiber trim. The secret, again in ease of operation. Almost all of the above is fixed with the latches and removed through the broken side window for a minute.

One of the best humorous ideas — to build a system that will produce the pepper liquid from the headlamp washer on the sensor signal of the shocks. Mirrors — the least unpleasant loss, but the most common. Unlike other cases, to continue to drive, enough of the “skyhost” temporary option.

BMW owners protect their M-drive, putting them on the poker-blocker, buckling the door with handcuffs or modifying nut to the shaft. Very naive if you believe the forums, tinted glass “zero” and throw on the wheel on top of the jacket, and suffering from paranoia get the hand to carry the “wheel” with them.

Having a car from the “list of risk” we need to understand that will not save any alarm, nor a public place: a friend removed the cover of the headlamp washer with “treshki” BMW right in the center of the city. And if you overdo it with the protection measures, it is possible just to “ravndalen” car — a revenge thwarted thieves too much.

5 tips to get your car is not “stripped”

  • Do not buy stolen goods. Because thereby you are supporting criminal “business”.
  • Carefully choose equipment: it is possible, and easy enough of multimedica BMW is fancy NBT and a normal helm instead of the pathetic M.
  • Insure the car and all its improvements for the full package.
  • Avoid popular among thieves models.
  • Do not go overboard with the “antitheft” — not stolen, so cripple with anger. Will be more expensive.
  • Well, the obvious: don’t drop the car anywhere.