The “strange traffic” in different countries

The “strange traffic” in different countries

Familiar to us the rules of the road, in different countries contain different items. Some of them are ordinary Ukrainians can not only confuse, but also to introduce in the present confusion.

As it turned out, the rules of journey of intersections, a double solid line or traffic on the ring road – not the most complex rules of the road. Different countries have their own road rules, which, while puzzling, our fellow citizens, however, we should be familiar. This is especially important if you have planned a trip in their own cars. So, the following is a list of the strangest, but very important rules of the road adopted in different countries.


In Thailand, employees of local DPS can be fined for driving without a shirt. Naked body Thai law does not tolerate, whether female or male.


Mexico is the only country that had common sense and forbade the ladies to put on makeup behind the wheel. And so they were not hurt, the men were forbidden to shave behind the wheel.