The places most often “wielded autothieves”

The places most often “wielded autothieves”

Law enforcement officers recognize that in our country there is a growing number of thefts, the thieves are becoming bolder.

One of the recent victims is engineer Alex Dekhtyar says that in a public place in broad daylight, the robbers kidnapped from his car hryvnia 8000, but the most unpleasant that the person left without any documents.

He noted that only 10 minutes ran into the office. The man always believed that this Park is a safe place: on the street constantly go staff, on all sides, installed a surveillance camera. One of them just took the “movie” about thieves: the footage shows how expensive Japanese car pulls into the Parking lot, her passenger – an elderly man in the hat looks at all the cars. But here he sees in the dark “Mazda” large leather briefcase, shows associates that we must act. Thieves are in no hurry, because a number of people. In the end, the accomplice fires his slingshot, and breaks a window. The man in the hat grabs a bag.

At the same time, the police revealed that the robbers often are operating close to supermarkets. As long as people are laid purchasing those recovered from the car everything you can. A former police officer and now an expert on locks and security systems Sergey Perger recommends that you always be careful. Especially advised not to “Shine” money, and jewels. Thieves pay attention to it.

The machine should always be closed even while driving, as the door to try to open even at traffic lights. The bag should not be left in the car at the gas station: it worker is unlikely to chase a thief when I see the theft. If someone can please show me the way, then turn off the car, exit, lock all doors and then explain.