The old SAAB 9-5 has turned into the weirdest Batmobile

The old SAAB 9-5 has turned into the weirdest Batmobile

On the screen the fantastic cars they look cool. In life – not really, especially if you do something similar with your own hands from the old car.

Cars superheroes – an interesting topic, in which you can discuss the changes undergone by the vehicle to match the specific requirements of your favorite characters in a fantastic adventure.

Often it comes about serious modifications like the installation of weapons and the increase in productivity, at least – about the stylistic changes and development appearance. Quite sometimes superhero uses some production car, but it’s generally worthless.

Many would like to own a Batmobile, for example. Characteristic features of such a vehicle – an abnormally long hood to install the huge turbines and large “fins” on the back.

To help in the implementation of cherished dreams comes wit, garage tool old SAAB 9-5. As you can see from the photo, this even does not necessarily possess the skill of welding at the proper level or at least worry about the quality of the work performed. The main black color and recognizable patterns. Think of a glass stick, the artist can offend everyone!

Source: Car Center