The most incredible tuning “Gelendvagen”

The most incredible tuning “Gelendvagen”

Yes! Don’t be surprised! Before you “G”.

What should be the Mercedes-Benz G-Class? We’ve learned that it’s a big boxy car with clean lines, endowed with high traffic. But the designers of one tuning house from Turin do not think so. And this is evidenced by their “child”, which received the name Opac Contender XG.

The alteration for was based SUV Mercedes-Benz G320 has a 6-cylinder engine capacity of 211 horsepower. Technical stuffing did not change, but the body and interior of the car has changed, without exaggeration, beyond recognition.

Italian tuners have only released 5 copies Opac Contender XG, and the cost of each was estimated at 490,000 euros.

Source: Car Center