“The illusion of safety”: where it is better to leave the car at night

“The illusion of safety”: where it is better to leave the car at night

Where to store the car under cover, in the garage or in the Parking lot? Rather not keep, and leave overnight. Autoblog offers to discuss the matter and to participate in the survey.

Less questions arises from the owners of their own garages. Here is more or less clear. In the evening drove the car into the garage and with quiet soul went home. What do less fortunate motorists? Really, is there any advantage in storing the machine, so called “secure” Parking lot, or not worth the bother and leave the car near the house? We knowingly took the word protected in quotes because the concept is very conditional. Think paid for Parking money in the case of the attempt on the car, will entitle you to receive compensation? This is a misconception.

The responsibility and the financial component

For the safety of your vehicle is no one answers. The maximum action that can take “the guard” to call the police. In the meantime, she’ll drive, your car may be robbed, maimed and even stolen. The only advantage to Parking in their own front yard, is exactly what law enforcement officers still will be called. This moment often makes various marauders, thieves and graffiti fans, stay away from Parking lots.

In the winter, added another advantage. Like it or not, and in order not to lose clients, publishers will worry about the organization of snowplowing. Entry and exit must be kept clear. Lots of Parking is ready to provide a number of additional services. For example, if necessary, you can use household electricity. So, if you have hooked the battery, you will have the opportunity to use the charger. Agree, much harder to do if the car is at the curb or in the yard of an apartment building.

Even more advantages when storing the car in the underground car parks or covered areas. In the summer time the car stays away from the scorching rays of the sun and rain, and in winter you will need to clean it from fallen the night snow. Ventilation of these car parks do not allow condensation to gather on the surface and inside of the car. The disadvantage remains the same. At a certain determination of the vandals, they can still get to your “swallow.” The owners of the sites are struggling with them as I can.

Someone increases the number of “guards,” someone puts a video surveillance system. Most security can provide Parking lots in which the owners enter into contracts with the “State security service” (SSS). Having the status of law enforcement, they are almost monopolists in the market of security services. They retain the right to arrest criminals and used against them physical.

Downside – the cost of services. But here, as in the proverb – avaricious pays twice, a clever once. If your car is expensive and falls into the sphere of interests of the hijackers, it makes sense to choose the more expensive option of keeping the car in the Parking lot under the supervision of experts of GSO.

With the responsibility of individuals watching Parking lots or underground Parking lots, we understand. We now turn to the second question – the influence of the microclimate of the storage areas on the General condition of the machine.