The Germans will turn the Corvette into a stylish wagon

The Germans will turn the Corvette into a stylish wagon

The German company Erich Bitter Automobile prepares unusual tuning project based on the C7 Chevrolet Corvette — American sports car will turn into a stylish wagon.

Periodically Chevrolet Corvette converted into a station wagon — it’s just the imagination of designers, and then a real small-scale alterations of the sports car. The latter is the project of German company Erich Bitter Automobile.

However, the real car does not exist yet, but the company has said it will make 20 copies of the wagon on the base model C7. According to the manufacturer, the pair are not yet ready even already sold!

Firm Erich Bitter has a huge experience not only tuning Opel models, but also creation of exclusive cars of its own design. So announced on the company’s page in Facebook, the project obviously will be real unlike many of the design sketches in the Internet.

No information about the cost and technical characteristics no. It is possible that the engine and gearbox will remain standard, but brakes and suspension will have to be readjusted under the new weight of the car. The body will change significantly – there is a completely new rear part, and, it seems, has a new roof.

The plans of Erich Bitter Automobile to show the real car in 2020 at the motor show in Geneva. Time to work at the company enough, so we now know one of the Premier exhibition which will be held in almost half a year.