The Germans invented the “perfect car” for 12 000 euros

The Germans invented the “perfect car” for 12 000 euros

Young, but very ambitious company Sono has set its goal to build an electric car that would have had a “perfect” set of consumer qualities.

First, it needs to be roomy. Secondly, maximum use of renewable

and energy. Thirdly, environmentally friendly. And, fourth, cheap.

Capacity provided the body of the wagon and landing formula 3+3. As a renewable

and energy was originally considered the sun, so the roof and hood mounted solar panel with an area of 7.5 square meters, is constantly charging the batteries. Environmental friendliness is achieved through the use of body panels and interior parts from recycled materials. It is also worth noting this feature as… moss, used as the cabin filter. Finally, the value of the underlying Sion Sonos is only 12 000 Euro.

The vehicle will be offered with three kinds of batteries of different capacities. The basic model will get the battery of 14.4 kWh, which will allow the car to pass 120 kilometers. Battery 30 kWh will increase to 250 km the Most expensive modification will receive the battery 50 kW∙h, How many kilometers can drive this electric car, the developers did not specify, but we know that the top modification will be able to tow a trailer weighing 1300 kg, Thanks to solar panels, constantly podzaryadit batteries, daily mileage increases on average by 30 kilometers.

All versions are equipped with only electric motor producing 68 HP Manage all functions and settings are available with touch display located on the Central panel. Now the firm Sono Motors is raising funds to build a pre-production prototype, and the release of the electric vehicle is scheduled for 2018.