The developed design of the “ideal” of the road

The developed design of the “ideal” of the road

On such a road will never be puddles, say manufacturers.


The British company introduced an innovative material — a porous asphalt surface, which absorb up to 600 litres of water per minute.

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that puddles on the roads — not only annoying little thing, but

high risk. Freezing in winter they create ice, overflowing after heavy rains in summer flood the whole street; the expenditure on the washing machines and an increased risk of corrosion, even not worth mentioning.

Unfortunately, the appearance of puddles is inextricably linked with paved roads, storm sewer after all, how would qualitatively nor was laid, can always become clogged with debris, and with really big natural disasters it fight not.



However, in the near future, depressing picture may change drastically: in the UK invented a unique absorbent asphalt.

An innovative coating called Topmix Permeable offers Lafarge. Thanks to the special honeycomb structure (pores occupy 25-30% of the volume) the material has a remarkable absorption capacity.

In the demo video for they paved pad poured 4,000 litres of water per minute, and all of this amount in just a few seconds, absorbed into the drainage and further into the soil without a trace.



In normal operation, the manufacturer gives a guarantee for the absorption of 600 liters per minute per square meter of asphalt that is about 50 times higher than the maximum recorded by meteorologists in the UK the density of precipitation.

The country already has several roads, Parking lots and other sites with a new cover.