The danger posed by fallen autumn leaves

The danger posed by fallen autumn leaves

The streets, strewn with yellow, red and orange leaves are not only beautiful but also fraught with many dangers for motorists.

If you parked your car under trees, be prepared for the fact that before the next trip will have to work hard in order to clear the machine of leaves. Do not forget that often the foliage gets into various cracks and openings. Don’t forget it.

But actually this is only the beginning. The main danger of autumn is the leaves on the road. Even when there is no rain – the dry leaves on the road significantly affects the grip of the wheels with a cloth, and also increases the braking distance.

Fallen leaves in combination with rain is the hazard multiplied many times. Wet leaves on the road are no safer ice. The higher the speed, the less manageable it becomes a car.

Urge to be careful and attentive behind the wheel, especially those with summer tires.