“The course in the spring”: check the engine and engine compartment after “wintering”

“The course in the spring”: check the engine and engine compartment after “wintering”

What are the problems in the offseason with the engine and engine compartment?

What problems can obrazuyetsya?

If there is a problem – are you sure you’ll find it. The starter turns the crankshaft, but the engine not kicking in, swim idle, the engine pulls and podtraivaet: one of the following reasons is a reason to think at least about the diagnosis.

“The course in the spring”: check the condition of tyres, wheels and brakes after a frost

Check the “hodovku” cars, after the winter frosts and ice

In the winter the engine has to work in a huge range of temperatures – from minus deep winter morning close to the “hundreds” Celsius values in the evening traffic. With an eye on the quality of gasoline to imagine what deposits can accumulate in the fuel system and oil filter just do not want. Add to that a sticky wet coating on the motor from dirt and chemicals, through which can “punch to ground” electrical and coolant level, which usually no one cares “is not so hot” – and you realize that this legacy of the winter season it is better not to stand on ceremony.

What can I do?

To wash off the mud accumulated under the hood – it is in principle superfluous. It would be better to do it at the car wash: in most cases, the cleaners know where you should not direct a tight stream of “Karcher” and will be offered in advance to cover the plastic bag does not require water procedures electronics. Besides, at car washes usually have “chemistry” to remove ingrained in the metal surface oily deposits, so cleaned the engine and engine compartment will look even more presentable.

Symptoms of a faulty cooling system