“The course in the spring”: check body, glass and paint

“The course in the spring”: check body, glass and paint

You have to deal with small scratches and chips remaining after winter?

What’s the problem?

Body – the biggest part of the car, because its share drops a huge number of hardships. After the end of the winter season on the sides of the machine can detect a lot of new scratches, chips and scuffs. The fact that they spoil the appearance – not so bad: even a small but deep damage to paintwork may result in access to the metal, moisture and the remnants of the caustic road chemicals. If the galvanizing of the body is not so hot – be prepared for surprises: under the spring rain and fog, it can “bloom”, losing marketability.

“The course in the spring”: check the engine and engine compartment after “wintering”

Appeared during the winter chips and cracks in the windshield it is better to localize in the Bud. Not only that, they hammered the dirt flying from the wheels of other machines: due to temperature changes (under the action of spring sun or current of air from the air conditioner) the glass may crack, which completely spoiled the look of the machine and in the end put the driver before the necessity of replacement of the windshield.

What to do with it?

Here could use a good washing with the use of means which will remove “winter” rough patches on the sides of the car (that foam for touch-free wash with him cope, you can verify by swiping your finger tips on the bottom of the doors after normal washing). Minor scuffs and surface scratches are easy to fix by applying a hard wax with a mechanical polishing, and the damage is larger it makes sense to consult a specialist at the local repair paintwork.

“The course in the spring”: check the condition of tyres, wheels and brakes after a frost

Same story with glass: chips to show which serverlet cavities and fill them with transparent UV varnish before they crawl the web.

If it showed scuffs from dirt and grit stuck in the wiper blades, do not be lazy to buy a new one “wipers”.