Tavria pickup with unusual refinement

Tavria pickup with unusual refinement

Tavria-pickup is not available for a few years, but the owners continue to strongly elevate the supporters.

Tavria pick-up or ZAZ-110557 in recent years has been mainly produced with a fiberglass rear add-on. So the machine was actually a delivery van, although the back left Pick-Up. But the car with an open cargo platform and tent roof are fairly rare.

In Kiev was recently photographed Tavria pick-up ZAZ-110558 – with engine 1.3 liters. Machine attracts the attention of an interesting add-on, not plastic and aluminum. I wonder what the last picture is quite low, flush with the cabin. Very interesting machine feeds, especially the upper tailgate. Here not only has a massive led brake light, but there is also the “eye” of the camera.

This machine is used as a service briefing for service electric heating systems. Therefore, the installation of a video camera, apparently, has a dual function – to improve visibility ago, and also security systems, with constant video surveillance.

Source: Car Center