Take out the car from snow captivity: advice from the trenches

Take out the car from snow captivity: advice from the trenches

Help jacket, salt and cat litter.

There can be few drivers who can boast that they (or rather, their stuck vehicle) never pushed or pulled on the cable. And if in the summer, the chance to “sit down” is mostly off-road enthusiasts in the winter, they may appear in each, even in his own yard. And well, if there will be willing to stretch by pushing the car or someone who is ready to pull out. And if not? To freeze, waiting for help is not very desirable. One of the following methods will certainly help to get out of an unpleasant situation. Just be prepared: in case of “ambush” you must have a shovel, rope and sand.

Appreciate the chance to travel

If the car can not move, first of all you need to get out of it and assess the situation. A common mistake is to push the gas in polik and hope to be lucky. Usually everything goes exactly the opposite: the chances of a successful release from captivity only to fall. Exception — only in the case if the wheels only thin ice, and under it is paved. In this case, there is a possibility that the drive wheels in the process of slipping will heat up and melt several millimeters of ice cover, reaching thus to the solid surface. However, it rarely is. So first look under the car. If the car is not sitting on the bottom — and in terms of the roads he’s probably still sitting — there is every chance to leave. But first it is necessary to take in hands a shovel and to clear a space under the wheels, especially the leading. It is possible that you will then be able to just sit down and go. And if not, the easiest method to try this is to do the buildup. Incidentally, it is worth Recalling that in the winter you need to start smoothly, and a very slippery surface it is better to do it in second gear — so there is less chance that the wheels will begin to slip.