Supercars are resting, as G-Power has reworked the BMW M550i

Supercars are resting, as G-Power has reworked the BMW M550i

Tuning Studio G-Power had a hand in the Bavarian sportsedan. Turned out mighty well for the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” hijacking, not every supercar.

Previously, G-Power installed a mechanical superchargers on BMW, but in times of total domination of the turbochargers are not sitting idle. Using the array of opportunities and potential tuning for boosted engines, the specialists of the shop have modified the super-sedan BMW xDrive M550i, which is very fast and without any modifications. The standard model is armed with a 4.4-liter V8 engine with two turbochargers in the collapse of the cylinder, issuing 462 HP at 5500 rpm and 650 Nm already at 1800 rpm to Disperse hundreds stacked in 4, the maximum speed is traditionally limited by electronics on 250 km/h.

Tuners reflash the “brains” of the engine, having 600 HP and 810 Nm. Power is identical to bestow, serial M5 super-sedan, and the cravings are more than 60 Nm. It is also important that the tuning of the car, firing up to a hundred in 3.2 with the factory ahead of the “m” of 0.2 C. If the client wishes, from the vehicle will remove the e-collar and then the maximum speed will exceed 320 km/h.

The upgrade will cost 2 Euro 127. Too expensive? In this case, G-Power is ready to challenge sedans up to 550 HP and 780 Nm in just 1624 Euro.

BMW looks stunning, although the differences from the production car at least – including 21-inch wheels Hurricane RR with tires 255/30 front and 305/25 rear.