“Summer on wheels”: travel tips for cars

“Summer on wheels”: travel tips for cars

May is the symbolic beginning of the holiday and summer travel.

And many Ukrainians prefer to travel by car. As for our country, and abroad. Auto gives a greater degree of freedom, allows you to plan a convenient route. Well, in the end, in Autotravel has its own romance and charm. However, any motorist knows that in the way you need to go prepared. “Autoblog” has decided to collect a few recommendations for those who love long trips, and want to rid yourself from unforeseen problems along the way.

Trust but verify

Control of the technical condition of the vehicle is as “Our father” for every conscientious motorist. But before long dear to this issue should be approached very carefully. The best way is to call on one HUNDRED and to conduct a comprehensive professional diagnosis. 200-300 UAH is a very small price to pay for peace of mind. Special attention should be paid to the operation of the engine, suspension, electrical and climate system. Will be very upset if somewhere in the fields, the machine will “triple” motor or faulty air conditioning, when “behind” more than 30 degrees. By the way, if IT is on the way – better to hold off and make it to travel. This will help the car to move my trip much easier.

Insidious tuning

Another mandatory procedure to check the tires. In European countries, for example, the police very harshly penalizes those who violate the rules seasonal rubber and goes on “bald” tires. The same goes for tinting and any items of tuning cars that are significantly changing its appearance or color. In some States, for example, airbrushing or wrapping car wrap film, which is not flagged in the data sheet, it entails a very unpleasant sanctions. Up to the impound lot.