Subaru presented a new global platform

Subaru presented a new global platform

Japanese automobile manufacturers were told about the newest platform on which will be built future generations of cars.

The main objective pursued by the engineers of Subaru is to give a new experience of driving a car. According to company representatives, the car, built on a new “truck” will inevitably differ “unprecedented smoothness, comfort and excellent technical characteristics.

The main upgrade was suspension, this will allow the car to be more stable on the road. The level of rigidity of the vehicle construction increased by 1.7 times, which will reduce noise and vibration. Reduction of body roll twice in a Subaru achieved by fastening the rear stabilizer directly to the body of the car.

In addition, the introduction of innovations will allow to reduce costs, as most of the construction elements will be manufactured on a single plant, and not a few different companies, as it was previously.

The transition to the new database will lead to the transition to a single stylistic image of cars of the Japanese car brands.

It became known that the first car built on the new platform will be the Impreza.